About TIUT

  • Techno India University, Tripura | Creating Sustainable Leaders and Beyond

echno India University, Tripura (TIUT) has been established through the enactment of “THE TECHNO INDIA UNIVERSITY, TRIPURA ACT, 2023”. The Techno India University, Tripura is an initiative of Techno India Group. The journey of Techno India Group for the past four decades now has been phenomenal. Today the organisation is a brand all across the globe with its wings spread in diverse sectors, providing opportunities to the youth of India beyond measure. What started as a sapling in the year 1985 is today a gigantic tree with numerous branches extending to education, entertainment, publication, health and media to the entrepreneurial generation of India. Before the introduction of open economy in India, the Roychowdhury brothers of Kapasdanga, Hooghly, realized the immense potential of computer education and pioneered a revolution in digital literacy in the state. They foresaw that the professional lives of the new generation would substantially be dependent on the application of computers in day-to-day life. The University offers educational programmes and research in a wide array of subjects, under disciplines like Engineering and Technology, Science, Medicine Management, Law, Humanities, Language and Literature, Pharmacy, Architecture, Social Science, Education, Performing Arts, Sports, Media, Design, etc. TIUT provides multi-disciplinary courses with specialisations which are designed to ensure that students have the required subject & practical skills & knowledge that will ensure their leadership for jobs and self-employment. TIUT aims to attain holistic development of its students by ensuring that the education provided is contemporary and experiential through partnerships with industries and other academic institutes.

01. Our Vision

To nurture intellectual curiosity, foster critical thinking, and empower with knowledge.

02. Our Mission

Integrate academic excellence with experiential learning, research, and innovation and prepare future global leaders.