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Message From Vice Chancellor

I am honoured and deeply humbled to step into the role of Vice-Chancellor at Techno India University, Tripura, a beacon of higher education in this vibrant region of North-East India. Taking charge at the beginning of this promising New Year 2024 fills me with immense joy and a profound sense of responsibility towards fostering excellence in education through the university and to the region. As we embark on this new journey in this new year, I extend my heartfelt wishes to the faculty, staff, and bright minds, our students, who grace our halls. Together, we aim not just to meet but to set new records and exceed the standards set by premier educational institutions in the region and nationwide.
Under the leadership of Shri Satyam Roychowdhury, the Hon'ble Chancellor, Techno India University, Tripura & Co-founder & Managing Director, Techno India Group, my goal is to make Techno India University Tripura stand as a testament to academic brilliance and societal enrichment. As the Vice-Chancellor, I will strive to ensure that this institution is poised to provide holistic education, nurturing aspirations, and spreading the light of knowledge across our local and remote communities spanning both urban and rural areas of Tripura, the Northeast, and beyond. To do this, I will closely work and collaborate with both the esteemed institutes under Techno India Group and other institutes of excellence.

Our vision encompasses multifaceted growth: from enhancing our infrastructure to elevating academic standards and pioneering new frontiers in teaching, research, and innovation. We are committed to seamlessly integrating ambitious national initiatives such as “NEP-SAARTHI”, “Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat” and others into our educational fabric. The educational ecosystem outlined in the National Education Policy 2020 resonates deeply with our aspirations. Embracing this policy will not only transform our institution but also contribute significantly to India's academic, social, economic, and strategic growth on the global stage.
With a career spanning over 39 memorable years, my journey at TIUT unfolds from an illustrious tenure at the College of Fisheries, Central Agricultural University (Imphal). For over 25 years, I served as a teacher, researcher, extensionist, and administrator, culminating in my role as Professor, Dean & Director (Extension Education). This journey has endowed me with multidisciplinary expertise that I am eager to bring to the forefront of our university's growth. I am deeply committed to institutional development and I am excited to apply my innovative approach to education to elevate Techno India University, Tripura to a new height.
To ensure this, collaboration will be our cornerstone as we forge ahead in this ever-evolving educational landscape. I earnestly seek the unwavering support and cooperation of every stakeholder - faculty, students, alumni, industry partners, and the community at large. Your contributions, be it knowledge, innovation, or resources, are invaluable in our pursuit of academic excellence and societal development. I further wish to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency among students from the very beginning by carrying forward innovative projects that I previously implemented in my previous roles. Apart from this, I also plan to introduce different scholarships to make high-quality higher education accessible to every eligible candidate in the state and beyond.
I extend a warm invitation to academics, leaders, philanthropists, industrialists, and influential figures to join hands with us in shaping a brighter future for higher education in India, the region of North-East India and Tripura in particular. Your support will not only benefit our students but also contribute to the holistic development of our society. I am eager to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and innovative ideas. Together, let us sculpt a transformative educational experience at Techno India University, Tripura. I look forward to our collective efforts in setting new benchmarks and inspiring generations to come with the tagline of -

  • “Creating Sustainable Leaders & Beyond…”.